SILDEC is manufactured making use of a unique technology – the brain child of three scientists of LEVGUM, Israel. (

From the time that Goodyear developed the vulcanization of rubber to make tyres, scientists have been searching for a way to devulcanize the waste rubber which is potentially a hazardous waste product.

LEVGUM is spearheading global change in the rubber recycling industry through its patented breakthrough technology – the first high performance chemical modifier for the devulcanization of rubber waste, in an automated process in ambient temperature.

LEVGUM’s ground-breaking work will radically change the rubber and rubber recycling industry and turn rubber recycling into a commercially viable, environmentally clean enterprise.

LEVGUM’s novel and innovative new process involves breaking down the sulfur links that connect the rubber polymer chains in vulcanized rubber. LEVGUM’s highly efficient and innovative process is carried out by adding LEVGUM’s modifier to vulcanized rubber that is brought into a stress condition in a two roller mill. LEVGUM’S mechanical-chemical process is carried out at room temperature, does not use harmful chemicals, does not produce or emit any hazardous waste or gases, and is 100% environmentally safe.

The superior quality SILDEC, resulting from this process, can replace natural rubber in compounds at significant cost savings, thereby ensuring a better and more lucrative future for the entire rubber product manufacturing industry.

Sundaram Industries Private Limited prides itself for being the LEVGUMS’s first licensee. After the commercial roll out of SILDEC, other licensees have started factories all over the world and the sales of SILDEC have scaled up to thousands of tons annually.