Product Range


Proudly upholding the TVS family’s inherent pioneering spirit and foreseeing the present situation of escalation in natural rubber prices, Sundaram Industries has launched, for the first time in India , a new generation of recycled rubber constituents, branded-SILDEC- a product that is all set to revolutionize the rubber product manufacturing sector. Motivated by a desire to find a value-engineered solution to high material costs, with the added benefit of being environmentally responsible, Sundaram Industries joined hands in 2003 with Levgum of Israel, who had the rights to a promising, yet commercially unproven invention in devulcanizing waste rubber products into a usable state.

Sundaram Industries Private Limited, in a stand out partnership with LEVGUM undertook the responsibility for testing, developing and finally proving the superiority of SILDEC in numerous applications across the spectrum of the rubber industry.

SILDEC is a key input raw material for rubber product manufacturers. When SILDEC is added to compounds, manufacturers are able to reuse their waste, maintain high product quality and performance (due to higher retention of the physical properties), at significant cost savings. Manufacturers can develop competitive pricing strategies and elevate their industry positioning by giving their business the edge that it deserves.

SILDEC is technically superior to conventional cost saving products, as it is produced at room temperature where only the sulphur bonds are severed, while other bond like Carbon – Carbon and Carbon – Sulphur are not broken. So, the retention of properties is high. Other conventional processes involves high pressure and temperature which results in lower physical properties due to thermal degradation.

Being environmentally safe, and accepted in all countries as a truly green product - SILDEC is now a class by itself.

SIL Rubber Resources Division has developed different grades of SILDEC depending on the source material , which can be natural rubber, butyl, nitrile, EPDM, synthetic rubbers etc.

SILDEC does not have any specified shelf life as no curatives of any kind are used.

Different kinds of SILDEC

Application engineering and customer specific recipies have urged SIL - Rubber Resources Division research labs to launch different products for the market.

SILDEC - is available in agglomerated form. This is mainly used for Tyres, Tread Rubber, Conveyor belts, Moulded Goods, etc.

SILSHEET– is a key input raw material for the rubber products manufacturers. it is used in area where compounding and mixing in powder or agglomerated form is more difficult .

SILFINE – is available in agglomerated powder form. It improves dispersion and viscosity and hence used in thin products, extrusion products, intricate mouldings, etc.

SILBET – is available in sheet form. Used for areas requiring easy material handling and applications likes Mats, Flaps, Moulded goods, etc.

SILMATCH – is available in powder form and the same input colour and properties as raw material provided by the end user. Used for applications where colour products are required.