Product Potential

SILDEC – Giving rubber product manufacturers the edge that they deserve

At SIL Rubber Resources Division we believe that SILDEC is very crucial for rubber product manufacturers. Manufacturers who put SILDEC to good use can develop aggressive pricing strategies, elevate their industry positioning and make huge savings on cost, while becoming “green” and environmentally friendly.

Who can use SILDEC?

Tyre Industry: Manufacturers of Tyres, Tread Rubbers, Flaps, Tubes, etc.

Moulded Goods: Manufacturers of all kinds of Sulphur cured moulded goods like Oil Seals, O Rings, Gaskets, Fenders, Diaphrams, etc.

Other Manufactures: Manufacturers of Conveyor belts, Rubber Hoses, Rubber Mats, Latex gloves, etc.

Advantages of SILDEC

  • Our high quality SILDEC can be used as an additive to rubber compound or as a substitute to virgin rubber
  • It can be used in rubber compound in the range of 5% upto 70% (depending on the application)
  • Cost of the finished rubber product comes down considerably as the usage of virgin rubber is lowered.
  • Finished product will meet the regulatory standards of many European and American countries
  • No wastage as manufacturers can recycle and reuse their scrap rubber
  • Adding SILDEC to your compound lets you retain almost all of its original characteristics and properties

What is the shelf life of SILDEC?

SILDEC does not have any specified shelf-life. As no curative of any kind is used in the curing process, SILDEC can be warehoused and used as per the manufacturers requirement.

Static Application - Rubber mat
Master batch 100 parts SILDEC 70 parts Combined Product
USD. 1.56 per kg * USD. 0.95 per kg USD. 1.133 per kg
USD 0.43 per kg which translates as 28% savings    
Dynamic Application - Tread rubber
Master batch 100 parts SILDEC 10 parts Combined Product
USD 3.333 per kg * USD 0.950 per kg USD 3.095 per kg
USD 0.238 per kg which translates as 7.15% savings    

* The costing of the Master Batch were based on the value of rubber and other related chemicals as on June 2012